JumpBox for SugarCRM 6.x

Fri May 24 12:34:34 MST 2013 - 1.8.2
 - The JumpBox for SugarCRM 6 has been updated to SugarCRM version 6.5.13.
 - SugarCRM 6.5.13 is a general bugfix release. See the full release notes for
   detaili on the changes:  http://support.sugarcrm.com/02_Documentation/01_Sugar_Editions/05_Sugar_Community_Edition/Sugar_Community_Edition_6.5/Sugar_Community_Edition_Release_Notes_6.5.13
 - With this release Sugar has only made available updaters from prior Sugar
   versions 6.4 and 6.5\. This means the JumpBox can upgrade directly from
   JumpBox version 1.7.2 and newer. If upgrading from an older version you'll
   have to upgrade through intermediate versions. See the release notes below
   for information on the other versions available.

JumpBox for Tracks

Mon May 20 11:58:58 MST 2013 - 1.8.1
  - Tracks has been updated to version 2.2.2.
  - This is a security update to Tracks. See the changelog for more detail:
  - It should be possible to upgrade via the JumpBox backup mechanism from
    JumpBox version 1.1.0 and higher.

JumpBox for Redmine

Wed May 15 10:02:02 MST 2013 - 1.8.2
 - Redmine has been updated to Redmine 2.3.1.
 - This release is able to restore from JumpBox version 1.1.23 and newer. If
   you have an older JumpBox you should first upgrade to 1.7.3 and then upgrade
   again to 1.8.2
 - This is a general bugfix update. For detail on the changes see the Redmine

JumpBox for OTRS

Wed May 15 10:04:11 MST 2013 - 1.8.4
 - Updated to OTRS 3.2.6
 - This is a general bugfix update to OTRS. See the OTRS release notes for
   detail on the changes:
 - The JumpBox should be able to restore from 1.7.3 and newer JumpBoxes. Users
   with backups from JumpBoxes before 1.7.3 must restore to 1.7.3, then backup
   and restore again from 1.7.3 to 1.8.4.

JumpBox for DokuWiki

Wed May 15 10:05:30 MST 2013 - 1.8.1
 - Dokuwiki upgraded to upstream version 2013-05-10\.  Restoring from 1.0RC1
   and newer JumpBox backups should work.
 - This Dokuwiki update introduces Auth Plugins, completes migration to jQuery
   and includes many general updates. See the full changelog for detail on the
   fixed issues:

JumpBox for PmWiki

Wed May 15 09:58:39 MST 2013 - 1.8.1
 - The included version of PmWiki has been upgraded to 2.2.51.
 - This is a minor bugfix update. See the PmWiki release notes for complete
 - Restoring from 1.0 and newer JumpBox backups should work.