JumpBox for Gallery 3.x

Fri Mar 1 15:30:12 MST 2013 - 1.7.7

 - Updated to Gallery 3.0.5

 - This is a general update and adds Thai localization, better handling of 

   missing images and fixes over 100 bugs.. See the complete Gallery release 

   notes for more detail on the changes:


 - To upgrade you can restore a backup from JumpBox version 1.5.0 or higher.

JumpBox for Omeka

Fri Mar 1 15:35:22 MST 2013 - 1.7.9

 - The JumpBox for Omeka has been updated to Omeka version 2.0.1

 - Restoring from JumpBox version 1.6.0 and newer should work.

 - If upgrading from a version prior to 1.6.0, upgrade first to 1.7.7

   and then to 1.7.9.

 - This is a general maintenance release. See the full release notes for 



JumpBox for Tracks

Wed Feb 27 17:36:36 MST 2013 - 1.7.10

  - Tracks has been updated to version 2.2.1.

  - This is update to Tracks brings a new version of Ruby on Rails, updates

    to the mobile interface and improved caching for better performance. 

    See the announcement for detail on the changes:


  - It should be possible to upgrade via the JumpBox backup mechanism from 

    JumpBox version 1.1.0 and higher.

JumpBox for Drupal 7.x

Tue Feb 26 17:15:48 MST 2013 - 1.7.11

 - Updated to Drupal 7.20

 - This is a security and maintenance update. See the full Drupal 7 release 

   notes for detail on the bugs fixed in this release: 


 - Upgrading via restored backups should be possible with backups from any prior

   version of the JumpBox for Drupal 7

JumpBox for Bugzilla

Tue Feb 26 17:14:20 MST 2013 - 1.7.9

 - The JumpBox for Bugzilla was updated to Bugzilla version 4.2.5\. This JumpBox

   should be able to restore from 0.9 and newer JumpBoxes for Bugzilla.

 - Bugzilla 4.2.5 fixes one security issue among other bugs. For detail on 

   the changes see the full Bugzilla release notes: