JumpBox for Moodle

Thu Jan 17 16:07:44 MST 2013 - 1.7.11
 - Moodle has been updated to version 2.4.1.
 - This is a security and bugfix update.  See the full Moodle release notes
   for detail on the changes.
 - This version of Moodle can only upgrade from Moodle version 2.2 or newer so
   upgrades are available from JumpBox version 1.7.3 and newer. If you have an
   older version of the JumpBox you will first have to upgrade to JumpBox
   version 1.7.6 and can then upgrade again to this release.
 - If upgrading you will be prompted to go through the Moodle upgrade wizard.
   In most instances simply clicking the button at the bottom of each page
   will be sufficient to complete the upgrade. 

JumpBox for Nagios 3.x

Thu Jan 17 16:10:26 MST 2013 - 1.7.7
 - Updated to Nagios 3.4.4.
 - This is a bug fix release. See the full release notes for detail:
 - It should be possible to restore from backups created by all publicly
   released versions of this JumpBox.

JumpBox for OpenLDAP

Tue Jan 15 15:57:10 MST 2013 - 1.7.5
 - This is a maintenance release of the JumpBox for OpenLDAP. The included
   applications have not changed.

JumpBox for Tracks

Wed Jan 16 16:02:44 MST 2013 - 1.7.8
  - Tracks has been updated to version 2.1.2.
  - This is a critical security update to Tracks for a new version of Ruby on
    Rails. See the changlog for detail on the changes:
  - It should be possible to upgrade via the JumpBox backup mechanism from
    JumpBox version 1.1.0 and higher.

JumpBox for Redmine

Tue Jan 15 15:54:39 MST 2013 - 1.7.13
 - Redmine has been updated to Redmine 2.2.1.
 - This release is able to restore from JumpBox version 1.1.23 and newer. If
   you have an older JumpBox you should first upgrade to 1.7.3 and then upgrade
   again to 1.7.12
 - This release is a security update to the latest version of Ruby on Rails.
   For detail on the changes see the Redmine changelog:

JumpBox for Ruby on Rails

Tue Jan 15 15:56:04 MST 2013 - 1.7.7
 - Updates Ruby on Rails to version 3.2.11
 - This is a critical security update to Ruby on Rails. See the release notes for