JumpBox for Redmine

Wed Nov 28 17:14:12 MST 2012 - 1.7.12
 - Redmine has been updated to Redmine 2.1.3.
 - This release is able to restore from JumpBox version 1.1.23 and newer. If
   you have an older JumpBox you should first upgrade to 1.7.3 and then upgrade
   again to 1.7.12
 - This release is bug fix update. For detail on the changes see the Redmine

JumpBox for SilverStripe

Thu Nov 29 14:26:30 MST 2012 - 1.7.8
  - The SilverStripe application has been upgraded to release 3.0.3\. This
    JumpBox should be able to upgrade from version 1.0 and newer although see
    the notes for release 1.7.4 for information on API changes introduced
    with SilverStripe 3.0.0.
  - This release contains a long list of fixes including security fixes and
    upgrading is recommended for all users. See the full release notes for

JumpBox for Ruby on Rails

Wed Nov 28 17:17:28 MST 2012 - 1.7.5
 - Updates Ruby on Rails to version 3.2.9
 - This is a security and bug fix update to Ruby on Rails. See the release
   notes for detail:

JumpBox for Tracks

Tue Nov 27 15:19:35 MST 2012 - 1.7.6
  - An issue preventing recurring todos from working has been fixed.
  - It should be possible to upgrade via the JumpBox backup mechanism from
    JumpBox version 1.1.0 and higher.

JumpBox for PunBB

Tue Nov 27 15:19:03 MST 2012 - 1.7.6
 - This is a maintenance release. The included version of the application has
   not changed.

JumpBox for MySQL

Wed Nov 21 15:18:46 MST 2012 - 1.7.12
 - The version of phpMyAdmin has been updated to 3.5.4\. This is a general bug
   fix update. See the full release notes for detail:
 - It should be possible to restore from backups created by any prior version
   of this JumpBox.