JumpBox for GLPI

Mon Jun  4 15:44:32 MST 2012 - 1.7.6
 - Updated to GLPI 0.83.2
 - This is a bug fix update to GLPI. For detail on the changes see:
 - This JumpBox can restore and update from version 1.1.8 and higher.

JumpBox for DSpace

Mon Jun  4 15:43:49 MST 2012 - 1.7.4
  - This is a maintenance release. The included version of DSpace has not

JumpBox for Redmine

Wed May 30 13:03:36 MST 2012 - 1.7.7
 - Redmine has been updated to Redmine 2.0.1.
 - This release is able to restore from JumpBox version 1.1.23 and newer. If
   you have an older JumpBox you should first upgrade to 1.7.3 and then upgrade
   again to 1.7.7
 - This is the first release of Redmine 2.0 which is primarily an update to
   Redmine to use Ruby on Rails 3.0 along with some minor bugfixes.
 - NOTE: with this update existing Redmine plugins will need to be reinstalled
   due to changes in plugin handling for Ruby on Rails 3.0\. Not all plugins
   may be compatible with this release. Because of this, on restore, the plugins
   directory will be moved into /tmp/plugins and you will have to manually
   check compatibility and reinstall any plugins that you use. If you end up
   with a broken install on upgrade check your plugins first thing.
 - For detail on the changes see the Redmine changelog:

JumpBox for Mindtouch Core

Wed May 30 13:02:51 MST 2012 - 1.7.1
 - This is a base platform update only, no application specific updates.