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Here’s the latest addition to the library, presenting: The JumpBox for Drupal 7. This is the latest point release of the popular Drupal CMS platform and they’ve made some impressive improvements to the usability of it. Other major notable enhancements include:

  • Ease of Use The administration UI has been reworked to provide a much more intuitive interface for accomplishing tasks. Modules & themes can now be installed directly via remote URL.
  • ScalabilityThey’ve made various optimizations to improve the performance giving you visitors faster load times and giving your site the ability to handle greater load.
  • Power & Flexibility You can now add custom fields to anything and the set of most useful & commonly installed themes are included in the core download

Here’s an excellent presentation that gives a summary of the improvements in Drupal 7. Check the video below for a 7min overview of how to start building your first site using this software. We’ll cover the basics of setting a new theme, adding some content, investigating the different content types and how to install modules that extend the functionality of your CMS. When you’re ready to play use the launch widget below to launch your own private instance on EC2. Enjoy!

*Tip: To view video at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the screen.