cloudwidget-selectinstancesizeWe’ve just added the capability to choose how much computing power to assign the JumpBoxes you launch on Amazon EC2 via our graphical interface. Until now if you’ve wanted to launch on EC2 and use an instance size other than small, you’ve had to use the AWS Console or a third-party tool like Elastic Fox. Not anymore. You can now use the simplified GUI we offer to one-click launch your instances and designate where you run it and how much computing power to assign it. Check out the instructions for using the Cloud widget on our wiki.

This is useful as it allows you to take advantage of the AWS pricing for microinstances on JumpBoxes that support will the smaller instance size. It also allows you to go the other way and easily scale up and take advantage of the greater computing power afforded by the High-CPU Medium instance size if your application is getting hammered. It is important to note that not all JumpBoxes will run as microinstances. The rule of thumb is that typcially the non-Java applications will work fine but the larger Java-apps (denoted by download sizes of about double of the others) have higher resource requirements and therefore need at least the small instance type.

One other aside for folks trying to cut their hosting costs- be sure to investigate reserved instances on AWS. This allows you to cut your costs by up to 1/3rd by locking in a usage commitment in advance. All JumpBoxes may be run as reserved instances but for now doing so requires that you use either the AWS Console or a tool like Elastic Fox.

If you’re using the Cloud widget now to launch instances, let us know how it’s working and what other capabilities you’d like to see.