onappWe recently announced a partnership with OnApp. Their software enables hosting providers to essentially offer their own EC2-like cloud system complete with the ability for their customers to self-provision JumpBoxes and pay on a per-usage basis.

“The combination of OnApp’s highly configurable cloud hosting engine, and JumpBox’s ‘ready to use’ web applications, makes it simple for hosting providers to deploy and manage the applications their customers need,” said Carlos Rego, MD of OnApp. “With more than 50 JumpBox applications available today, a low monthly fee, and OnApp’s unique approach to cloud hosting, our clients can expand the services they offer in a very quick and cost-effective way.”

OnApp is offering this software free for the first year (or until you reach 100 CPU cores).

If you’re a hosting provider seeking to offer JumpBoxes to your customers in a self-provisioned fashion, this is worth investigating. Go here to book your personalized demo with an OnApp representative or read more about how it works.