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Here’s the latest addition to the library, presenting: The JumpBox for Elgg. Elgg is a social networking platform in a box - think of it like your own private, white label Facebook. It has many of the same concepts including friends, groups and an activity stream. There are a handful of widgets available for it which enable features such as:

  • Blogs: write posts that are shared amongst specific groups for friends
  • Twitter: integrate your Twitter account so Elgg bi-directionally aggregates your Tweets and flows Elgg posts out via your Twitter stream.
  • Wire posts: post sitewide notifications that are available regardless of group membership.
  • Flexible notifications: customize your email notifications so you receive update messages based on activity amongst certain groups or friends.

In this 6min video we’ll cover the basics for setting up an on-premise social network using the JumpBox for Elgg. We’ll do a basic orientation covering the fundamental concepts of friends, groups, the dashboard and changing basic configuration settings. By the end you should have what you need to get started building your own private social network for your organization.

*Tip: To view video at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the screen.