In case you missed our 2nd “Virtual Study Hall” webinar earlier today, there’s a screen capture of the call available below. We had a solid line-up of delegates from various Open Source projects as well as Amazon showing us their latest & greatest. You can get the full hour-long event available in HD video as well as an audio-only option (the annoying audio echo goes away after the first minute). You can subscribe to this feed in your iTunes if you’d like to download future audio captures automatically. And there’s a time-stamped index of the topics we covered.

Given all the feedback from participants that attended we’ll continue doing these webinars on a monthly basis. You can ask questions about anything in the video via the comments section of this blog. If you’re looking to get more “surface area” not just with us but with the Open Source projects as well, these webinars provide a great opportunity for real-time interaction that enables this.

Skim through the video below to learn more about the latest from Mindtouch, Amazon Web Services, Redmine, OTRS & Canonical. Congrats to the winners of the annual Pro account giveaway and many thanks to all our presenters who took time out of their day to share information with us. RSVP now if you’d like to attend the next webinar.

Time Topic
00:25 Aaron Fulkerson, CEO Mindtouch - overview of Mindtouch
12:35 Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist Amazon Web Services - overview AWS
24:30 Sean Tierney, JumpBox - Simple Disaster Recovery using JB's on EC2
32:34 Eric Davis, CEO Little Stream Software - Overview of Redmine
42:42 Shawn Beasley, Community Manager OTRS - Overview of new change management
53:33 Robbie Williamson, Engineering Manager Canonical - Overview of Ubuntu philosophy
1:07:45 Pro Account random drawing

*Tip: To view video at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the screen.