In an effort to make our service more accessible to those organizations who are most affected by IT budget cuts, we’re announcing the immediate availability of a discount policy on annual plans for schools, non-profits and government organizations. We know IT budgets are tight all around right now and these organizations are particularly feeling the pinch. This policy is intended to make it more affordable for these entities to gain the benefits of our service. Here’s how to take advantage of the savings:

Visit this page. If you have an email address from one of the above top-level domains you’re automatically qualified. If you have an alternative email but believe you’re eligible, simply include a note explaining the circumstances and we’ll manually approve your request.

We strive to keep our service affordable for those companies that need it most. With a yearly flat-fee access to a comprehensive library of over 55 different ready-to-run pieces of Open Source IT infrastructure, a JumpBox account is a great asset for any organization. If you’re ready to take advantage of the discount apply now. We look forward to helping you leverage the value of Open Source for your cause.