osaasIt’s nearly two years to the day since we debuted the JumpBox library and today we’re extremely excited to unveil “Open Source as a service.” This is a new way to think about running your Open Source server applications. It allows you to treat them collectively as a utility combining the convenience of a SaaS-based offering with the unique advantage of being able to run your infrastructure on your terms. Run your apps in any hybrid configuration of of on-premise, in the cloud or in a data center. You now have all the power and flexibility of Open Source without the headaches. This is Open Source as a service.

Amongst the changes we’ve made is the introduction of Pro accounts and a monthly billing option to make it even easier for people to get started with JumpBox. Signing up for a Pro account gives you access to over fifty-five different applications in our library all available for a flat monthly fee with no usage restrictions. With applications that span all major categories such as collaborative business apps, development environments, communications infrastructure and network monitoring tools, this is a “software swiss army knife” for anyone coping with an array of IT challenges. The month-to-month option makes it easy for individuals to get started and for businesses that prefer annual subscription terms and access to support that option exists as well.

If you’re already acquainted with JumpBox and reading this in your RSS reader, stop by our site and see what’s new. We’ve quietly been adding some great new capabilities to the service lately like streamlining the way you can launch & manage your JumpBoxes on Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing environment. We’ve also made enhancements to the way JumpBoxes run in EC2 so you can now take advantage of reserved instances (lower pricing by reserving computing time in advance) and EBS-backed instances (ability to shut down your JumpBoxes and bring them back while retaining the data).

OVF files for each JumpBox make deployment dramatically easier on platforms like VMware ESX & ESXi as well as VirtualBox. These are now available to monthly Pro subscribers.

Lastly, with the goal of making it even easier to try out the service we’ve added a two-week free trial so you can experience the benefits first-hand and risk-free. If you want a quick overview of how it all works, take a tour or start your free trial of a Pro account today.

Thanks to all our customers and users who have been providing invaluable feedback and helping sculpt the service to its current form. We have a ton of great enhancements slated for 2010 and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to serve you and to continue to make this entire class of software more accessible and useful to a broader audience.