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StatusNet is an Open Source microblogging system that gives you Twitter-like functionality with the ability to run it behind a firewall on your network. The most noteworthy features of StatusNet include:

  • Shallow learning curve: StatusNet uses many of the same concepts and syntax from Twitter so if you’re familiar with that microblogging system it should be very easy for you to transition to using this one.
  • Run it securely on your network: You can run it entirely behind your corporate firewall and block access to the public Internet making it as secure as your internal network.
  • Extensible: StatusNet has a plugin architecture that allows anyone to write add-ons that extend its functionality.
  • Sync it with a Twitter account: It’s possible to link your StatusNet system with Twitter and have one drive the other.
  • Access it via multiple methods: SMS, email, instant messenger and native desktop clients are all supported as alternative UI’s to the web interface.
  • Hashtags, Search, Favorites and Groups: Various means exist for sorting, searching and tracking topics and individuals in the system giving you ultimate flexibility in how your choose to monitor information.

Twitter often is perceived with a negative stigma when talking about work productivity. But StatusNet gives you all the awareness and presence advantages of a microblogging mechanism only as a tool that you control on your terms.

In this video we’ll cover the fundamentals for getting started with the JumpBox for StatusNet. By the end of the video you’ll have what you need to be up and running with it. Enjoy!

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