If you’re pinching pennies like most people right now and you currently use one of the SaaS virtual meeting services, you can realize substantial savings on your monthly IT costs using this technique. Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch an instance of Dimdim using Cloud Gear. If you’re not already signed up for that service, it’s free to join. You’ll find enrollment instructions and a “getting started” video here.
  2. Once you have your instance running it’s just a matter of starting a meeting and inviting participants. There’s a brief Ramp Up video here that teaches you the basics for running your first meeting. If you’re running a pre-scheduled webinar and need to invite participants ahead of time as long as you have access to a URL that you can redirect, you can give them that address and then update it to your meeting URL once the meeting is launched.
  3. When your meeting is concluded simply turn off your Cloud Gear instance.

If you run a 2-hour meeting using this method it costs you roughly $.50. If you normally conduct only four meetings a month you’re paying $2 vs. the $40-$200 you’d pay for having a mainstream SaaS conferencing service. You’re also avoiding any obligation in terms of committing to a contract with a SaaS provider.

This is just one more way you can put the power of JumpBox and the cloud to work for your organization. Stay tuned for more techniques like this one to help you reclaim time and money during these lean times.