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Do you need to create a dynamic web site that can be maintained by multiple people in your organization? Joomla is an extremely popular Open Source content management system and is known for its intuitiveness and simplicity. It’s noteworthy features include:

  • Thousands of themes and extensions: Joomla has a vibrant ecosystem of theme and plugin developers who extend the functionality of the software to do just about anything imaginable.
  • Intuitive editing of content: The “edit in place” style of content management is intuitive and means that even the most non-technical folks in your organization can maintain their own web pages. This translates to less burden on IT, more real-time and accurate content with fewer errors.
  • Tiered access permissions: Users can be granted varying levels of permissions to give them only the access they need. They can be merely registered to receive email, able to submit new content, able to edit existing content and able to publish content to the live site.
  • Highly configurable: The system is highly customizable via the web based administration console. Page caching, search engine friendly URLs and page metadata can all be easily adjusted without having to wade through readme’s and .ini files.

In this video we’ll cover the fundamentals of working with Joomla to build a web site. Enjoy!

Time Topic
01:10 Interface orientation
02:41 Change the look with templates
04:53 Understand the content hierarchy
06:24 Edit content in place
07:38 Add a new article
08:59 Upload a graphic
10:26 Add a component
13:25 Add a user and assign permissions
15:05 Customize system behavior
16:20 Use global check-in
17:10 Clear the sample data from db
19:19 Move a site in and out of JumpBox
20:16 Where to go for more help

*Tip: To view video at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the screen.