cloudcampWe had the CloudCamp event in Phoenix this past weekend and we were fortunate to be both a sponsor as well as an organizer. Bob LaLoggia was the local force that lead the charge pulling it all together and Dave Nielsen (from the original CloudCamp) flew out to guide the format.

CloudCamp is a day-long “unconference” modeled after BarCamp. It brings together people of all skill levels who share a common interest in the subject of cloud computing. The event on Saturday drew about 80 people and the day was divided into an orientation and five tracks chosen ad hoc and split amongst two time slots with a wrap-up at the end. Thanks to all the sponsors that made it possible:

University of Phoenix

Right Scale



Appointments Plus

Amazon Web Services


Below is a quick “highlight reel” of mashed-up footage from the day.

And here’s Kimbro’s record-breakingly-concise 4min 5sec lightning talk on what we do at JumpBox.

Check out the CloudCamp site for a list of upcoming events to see when it’s in your neighborhood next!