Are you a software developer who needs to test your code across multiple versions of an OS or an application? Perhaps you design Joomla themes? Or maybe you wrote the next killer Wordpress plugin or Drupal module? Or maybe you built your own Ruby on Rails or Java web application that you plan to distribute and you need to test its compatibility across different versions? If so Cloud Gear has your back.

We store all historical versions of every JumpBox ever released and make them available through our Cloud Gear service. With Cloud Gear you can quickly launch test instances of all previous versions of a JumpBox in parallel. In minutes you can:

  • See if that Joomla theme you made displays properly on earlier versions.* Confirm that your Wordpress and Drupal plugins are backwards compatible with older releases.* Verify that your custom web app works on prior versions of the application server.

It’s free to set up a Cloud Gear account and you pay only $.20/hr as long as you run the instances. For a few dollars you can save the hours of time it would take to download and configure multiple test environments locally. And with Cloud Gear there’s no mess, simply shut off the instances when your testing is concluded and your local environment remains pristine and untouched.

Set up your free Cloud Gear account and watch the video below for a quick primer on how it works. Regression testing has never been easier!