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We have not one but four Ramp Up videos this week covering all the various deployment JumpBoxes including our newest addition, the JumpBox for Tomcat. Deployment JumpBoxes are handy tools for quickly evaluating web applications that don’t currently have their own dedicated JumpBox. They also make great development aides for software developers by enabling you to focus on building your application instead of configuring your development environment.

In Ramp Up #19 we’ll use the JumpBox for Ruby on Rails to deploy Radiant CMS.

In Ramp Up #20 we’ll deploy an instance of Wordpress Multi-User on top of the the JumpBox for LAMP.

In Ramp Up #21 we’ll deploy the Railo Coldufusion runtime environment into the JumpBox for Tomcat and then install a Coldfusion application on top of that stack.

And in Ramp Up #22 we use the JumpBox for LAPP to deploy the OpenX ad server and connect it to an underlying Postgres database.

*Tip: With each video to view at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the screen. As always, leave comments on this post if you have questions about any of what we cover in the videos.