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Do employees in your company use instant messaging services like Yahoo, AIM, MSN or GTalk to conduct sensitive conversations? There are many reasons why you might want to run your own secure instant messaging server instead of relying upon these services:

  • Security - For conversations between employees on the same network, instead of sending cleartext messages over the public internet they could be conducted end-to-end behind the firewall.
  • Monitoring - You may have situations where you need monitoring and content filtering on IM conversations to enforce policies related to abusive language or sexual harassment.
  • Search convenience - Your employees might benefit from a central, searchable index that serves a knowledgebase built from all past conversations.
  • Audit trail - Your company’s data retention policy might require that you log every conversation in a secure place to retain records of what & when critical statements were made (eg. financial brokerages, military or government programs, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance - You might be obligated by HIPAA or SOX regulations to conduct sensitive communications exclusively through hardware and systems that you control.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to run your own instant messaging server rather than rely upon the free SaaS alternatives. The JumpBox for Openfire lets you do just that. As you’ll see in the video below we go from zero to live chat sessions in about three minutes. We’ll also show how to:* launch an IRC-style group chat room* configure the system to filter unacceptable language* setup conversation logging and search the index* bridge external IM networks so even outside SaaS-based conversations can be monitoredBy the time you finish watching you’ll have everything you need to deploy your own on-premise IM system. Enjoy!

Time Topic
01:01 Interface orientation
02:27 Set up new users
03:12 Setup the SparkWeb web-based IM client
03:33 Setup the downloadable Spark client
04:17 Have an IM conversation
06:16 Setup a group chat room
08:02 Broadcast message to all users
08:27 Install Plugins
09:48 Use the Content Filter plugin
11:09 Use the Monitoring Service plugin
14:35 Proxy the Yahoo IM service using the IM Gateway plugin
17:09 Get additional help resources

*Tip: To view video at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the screen.