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Are you already running JumpBoxes and want a way to easily monitor their health? If so read on.

Zenoss enables network administrators to manage the configuration, health, and performance of networks, servers and network applications. Monitor your network availability, inventory, configuration, performance, and more with the Jumpbox for Zenoss. Notable features include:

  • Event Monitoring and Management
  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Alerting and Reporting
  • Automatic Remidiation
  • Network Visualization
  • Integration API’s
  • Community Reports Library
  • Community Monitors Library

In this video we’ll tour the interface and show how get Zenoss to scan your network and automatically add all the machines it finds. We’ll then set it up to send email alerts as problems (or pre-problem warning signs) arise and demonstrate this by taking down a machine. Lastly we’ll configure SNMP-based performance monitoring so it watches another JumpBox on the network and displays graphs on critical metrics like CPU and memory utilization, bandwidth and disk I/O. We’ll also touch on other topics like extending Zenoss through Zenpacks and how to assign location and logical groupings to your machines in a way that’s meaningful to you. Enjoy!

Time Topic
01:29 Interface orientation
02:03 Auto-discover devices on network
03:59 Events: sort, filter, acknowledge
04:53 Setting up alerts
07:15 Set up SNMP for performance monitoring
14:46 Extending Zenoss via Zenpacks
15:23 Walkthrough of various navigation elements
16:30 Setting the geographical location of machines
18:08 Help and support resources
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