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Foswiki is a wiki system that is notable for its approachability for non-technical users and its ability to store content in a structured fashion. The following qualities make it unique from the other JumpBox wikis:

  • A simple WYSIWYG editor means there’s no need to learn special markup syntax.
  • Email addresses can be added to a wiki page and the users will receive notifications as changes are made.
  • Easily attach files to any wiki page and either view them in-line or as a separate attachment.
  • Add forms to your wiki pages to accept structured content submissions.

Foswiki is great for any project that requires collaborative note-taking. It offers a more shallow learning curve for the less-technical user given its usage of a mature WYSIWYG content editor. Simply cut & paste content from other sites or reference external pages from within your wiki page. This video walks you through the first usage of Foswiki. In it we’ll add a user account, create our first few pages, attach an image to a page and setup email notifications.

*Make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the video to full-screen and watch the screencast in hi-def.