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LimeSurvey is a survey engine that allows you to create and deliver surveys online. The main features and benefits are:

  • Rapidly create and distribute surveys to extract valuable insight from employees, customers and potential customers.
  • Export survey results in various formats for further analysis in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers.
  • Build in conditional logic to create a custom stream of questions that intelligently adapts as the respondent answers.
  • Host the surveys as publicly-available for anyone to respond or lock it down for private submission only with invite codes.

If you’ve been meaning to conduct an online survey to tap the knowledge of a group of people check out the video below for a quick overview of how to get started with Lime Survey. In this video we’ll create a survey from scratch, add three different types of questions, deliver it to a respondent and then browse the results. As a side note this JumpBox lends itself particularly well to deployment on EC2. Bring up an instance for a few days to gather responses and then use the backup/restore mechanism to take it offline for processing the results.

And when you’re finished with the video take LimeSurvey for a spin yourself by clicking the orange button below. Happy surveying!

*Make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the video to full-screen and watch the screencast in hi-def.