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The JumpBox for Trac integrates this popular issue tracking and project management system with Subversion for source control. Together these apps work in tandem to provide powerful development infrastructure for software developers giving you:

  • Better accountability and transparency for any software project.
  • Bulletproof revision control allowing you to track all changes and the ability to roll the state of the project back to a former status.
  • Ambient awareness of progress via RSS feeds and automated email notifications.
  • Organic & frictionless documentation with integration between the wiki, ticketing system and source control.
  • Added functionality and extensibility via subversion hooks and Trac plugins

The video below gives a quick overview of what Trac is and does. For a more in-depth tutorial see this screencast and this talk Sean did for the San Diego Java Users Group. As always leave a comment below if you have questions about anything in the video.

*Make sure the button is on and click the button to expand the video to full-screen and watch the screencast in hi-def.