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This screencast is intended to give you a rapid introduction to  SugarCRM. It briefly covers the major sections of the application and runs through the steps involved in getting started with it. If you’re new to JumpBox you may want to watch one of the earlier Ramp Up videos to see the process of booting a JumpBox from scratch. This application is in a class of software called “Customer Relationship Management,” whose primary function is to provide an improved customer experience by putting structure to the way you communicate with customers and prospects. It gives you a focal point through which all of your customer interaction (be it phone, email or otherwise) is conducted.  SugarCRM provides an attractive Open Source alternative to solutions like Salesforce.com and has a large selection of commercial and free add-ons to extend its functionality.

Having used this system extensively first-hand at JumpBox to make over 500 followup calls, I can attest that it’s a stellar piece of software.  My few gripes with the system were almost entirely addressed in the last release.  At this point there’s only a miniscule list of features I’d like to see added to the product.  Kudos to the SugarCRM development team for solid work.

Don’t take my word for it though- experience it for yourself using the orange “Rapid Trial” button below. For more resources to learn about SugarCRM, browse their forums, visit the community page of their open source project or peruse the extensions that are available. And leave a comment if you have questions about anything discussed in the video.

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