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Introducing the JumpBox for Tracks (not to be confused with the JumpBox for Trac). This elegant application gives you the ability to implement the popular “Getting Things Done” methodology in a clean, accessible manner with ubiquitous access to your data. It’s part of our free collection of JumpBoxes and has all the juicy Web 2.0 goodness you could ask for:* An AJAX interface gives you the responsiveness of a desktop application with the power of a web application.* A REST API provides opportunity to build rich integration with other systems and enables third parties to develop innovative interfaces and interoperability with other applications.* Granular syndication capabilities combined with tagging features enable highly-customizable task tracking. Selectively monitor tasks by context, project, user or tag and subscribe to notifications via your RSS reader or email client.

In this brief five-minute screencast we’ll run through the Tracks application and get an overview of its capabilities and features. Visit their web site to learn more and take it for a spin with your own private trial instance by clicking the orange button below.

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