By popular request we just launched an updated version of the JumpBox for GLPI Asset Tracking that bundles the OCS add-on to facilitate automated inventory management. If you’re using it already to track your inventory, you’ll want to upgrade to this newest version (v. 1.1.2) and follow the steps below to take advantage of this capability:

  1. Launch the latest version of the JumpBox for GLPI that bundles OCS. Make a note of its IP address. You access the OCS application on your GLPI instance by appending “/ocsreports” to the base url. So mine in this case looks like the following:

  2. Go to the OCS web site and download & extract the appropriate agent for the machine you want to track. This tutorial uses the Windows agent to track a Win XP machine.

  3. Run the OcsAgentSetup file to go through the wizard and install the agent on your Windows instance. You’ll need to specify the IP address of your running JumpBox for GLPI.

  4. Verify that the OCS service is running on your Windows instance. It will update periodically at a default interval of roughly 10 hours. To invoke it manually double-click the OCSInventory Application that it installed in the OCS Program Files directory. There are other command line arguments that can be sent as well for special behavior.

  5. If it doesn’t run after invoking it manually, you may have this issue and need to manually change the MISCELLANEOUS line in the service.ini file. So after editing mine looks like this: and successfully transmitted inventory info to the OCS application once I restarted the service:

  6. And now I’m able to check in OCS and verify that info about my WinXP machine is in fact there. And drilling down gives the ability to get detailed stats about the hardware and software of that machine (click on the easter-colored icons to bring up info about the hard drive, memory, cpu, software, network cards, peripherals, etc):

  7. And now the final steps are to go back into GLPI under Tools > OCSNG and tell it to import new computers. You’ll get a full progress bar if it worked. And your machine will now appear under Inventory > Computers:

  8. Lastly, go under “Settings > OCSNG Mode” and verify that it is in sync with the OCS database:

There are helpful tutorials for installing the OCS agents across a variety of environments including a batch install across many machines on a Windows network their wiki. Oh, and this works to track virtual machines as well as physical machines. Happy inventory tracking!