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The JumpBox for Dimdim is the newest addition to our library and gives you the ability to conduct online virtual meetings with your own private instance. Use this JumpBox to:

  1. Share your computer screen with up to twenty remote participants
  2. Work on a digital whiteboard simultaneously with others
  3. Co-browse the web using a shared web browser
  4. Annotate Powerpoints and PDF’s in real-time with colleagues and clients
  5. Launch the instance only when you need it and save costly monthly membership fees

In this tutorial we’ll run through the basics of using Dimdim to host an effective online meeting. Also included in the video is a bonus scene at the end that shows you how to launch an instance on EC2. This particular app (because you only need it to run intermittently) provides a great use case for when EC2 hosting makes a lot of sense. Simply bring up the instance dynamically as needed and retire it when you’re not using it to conserve on your hosting costs.

Below is the video, a time-coded table of contents and the widget to launch a test instance. Leave a comment below if you have questions about the tutorial or any of the JumpBox components. And for in-depth Dimdim questions check out the comprehensive documentation on their site or search their forums.

Time Topic
01:18 Boot & Configure JumpBox
02:55 UI Orientation
03:44 Make the video camera work on a Mac
05:35 Invite attendees
07:17 Share your screen
08:20 Share a web browser
09:22 Share a whiteboard
10:44 Share a document (whiteboard with a background)
13:16 Hand control over to a participant
13:54 Take back control
14:11 Restrict participants' actions
14:42 Adjust participant audio/video
15:18 Use public/private text chat
15:37 Customize the meeting settings
16:27 Queue attendees in a waiting room
16:44 Shut down a meeting
17:12 Headsup: ways to handle "open door" authorization issue
18:11 Bonus: how to launch Dimdim on EC2 in 1min
Launch your own private instance by clicking the orange button below:
*Make sure the ![](http://blog.jumpbox.com/images/2009/02/hidef.png) button is on and click the ![](http://blog.jumpbox.com/images/2009/02/fullscreen.png) button to expand the video to full-screen and watch the screencast in hi-def.