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This title is only half-joking. Today’s Ramp Up video delves into how to use the Open Source SnapLogic data integration application to build a system that lets you screen the contacts from your CRM system against the SDN List for assistance with achieving OFAC compliance. In this video we’ll build a pipeline that:

  1. Consumes an XML feed of the data from the Federal SDN suspected criminal list
  2. Grabs contacts out of a SugarCRM instance running remotely on Amazon EC2
  3. Compares the contacts from the CRM system against the names on the list
  4. Presents the records that are potential matches
  5. Can have another system like Salesforce or Quickbooks easily “snapped in”

This tutorial is intended to give you the motivation and instruction you need to get started quickly with SnapLogic. This application is a powerful tool that can be used to mash up data from databases, spreadsheets, webservices, applications and many other different sources. In the next forty minutes we’ll use the JumpBox for SnapLogic and the JumpBox for SugarCRM to demonstrate the creation of this system from start to finish. You’ll learn the fundamentals of SnapLogic and pick up some development tips that are also applicable in other situations.

Below is the video, a time-coded table of contents, the widget to launch your own private instance and a zip file with all the assets used in the tutorial. Leave a comment below if you have questions about the tutorial or the JumpBox aspects. And for in-depth SnapLogic questions consider joining their extremely responsive mailing list found here.

Time Topic
02:50 Boot the Snaplogic JumpBox
04:44 Get snippet of SDN list and store locally
08:00 Make the XML reader resource for the local SDN list
12:49 Make the filter resource that returns the "Bad Guy" list of individuals
14:49 Make the pipeline that feeds SDN list data into filter
18:00 Boot SugarCRM JumpBox (use EC2 since RAM-constrained locally)
14:15 Using templates for adding similar items
20:45 Add sample contacts to Sugar
22:37 Demo snapshotting technique for dev before invasive maneuvers
23:08 Install the Sugar Connector and browse Contacts from within SL
29:41 Create the join resource between SDN feed and Sugar feed
34:44 Make the master pipeline that stitches it all together
37:32 Add a bad guy to Sugar and test system
38:41 Change XML input to point to SDN list, add more bad guys to Sugar and run it against the real list
Download a zip file of the following files used in the video [**here**](http://blog.jumpbox.com/images/2009/02/snaplogicrampupresources.zip):* State of the SnapLogic JumpBox at the end of the tutorial* Sample contacts to be imported into SugarCRM* Snippet of SDN list for development* Command line syntax for installing the SugarCRM extension in SnapLogic
*Tip: To view video at full-resolution in hi-def, make sure the ![](http://blog.jumpbox.com/images/2009/02/hidef.png) button is on and click the ![](http://blog.jumpbox.com/images/2009/02/fullscreen.png) button to expand the screen.