Last week we introduced JumpBox Open Starter, a new, lower priced tier of JumpBox Open Subscription that starts at $149 per year. This plan is geared toward the individual and as you might expect, at the equivalent of less than $13 per month, it’s been quite popular. However, as we’ve looked at initial feedback it occurred to us we could make it even better. In fact we realized we could make all JumpBox Open plans better, so today we’re introducing unlimited development instances for all plans. Now you can deploy any number, of any combination, of any JumpBox for development and other non-production uses. This includes all current and future JumpBox releases.

Our goal is simple, expose you to the best Open Source software around in a simple, ready to deploy format that becomes a no-brainer to use for production as well. Along with the development instances, each plan also includes an allocation of instances for production deployment and our goal is that you’ll want to use more and more JumpBoxes for production deployment and as your production needs increase, you’ll upgrade your subscription to allow additional production deployments.

These new production deployment instances also introduce another much asked for capability, the ability to run more than one of the same JumpBox. So now if your plan allows five production instances you’re free to pick and choose what you want to run as those instances. Want to run 3 JumpBoxes for Wordpress, a JumpBox for MediaWiki and a JumpBox for Trac go right ahead, or maybe you just need 5 Drupal’s that’s OK too. Run five of the same, or all five different or any combination. It’s entirely up to you. Need more than five, just upgrade to the next level of subscription. Simple.

You can also switch out those production instances at any time. So if you decide you want to switch from using Drupal to using Silverstripe for your web site. No problem, you pick what you want to run and can switch at any time.

Every time you use a JumpBox you should be saving at least a couple hours of your time. Time that can be put to more productive work doing things that are hopefully more enjoyable than installing and managing Open Source software. That’s what we’re here for. If we can save you just five hours in the next year, JumpBox Open will have paid for itself.

You can learn more about the new plans here.

Ramp Up screencast **How to run a JumpBox on VirtualBox**Ramp Up

Our series of screencasts to help you get started quickly with JumpBox applications continues. This episode of Ramp Up features VirtualBox, the popular Open Source virtualization product from Sun Microsystems. VirtualBox supports many host operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and OpenSolaris. Though we don’t officially support it yet, VirtualBox can also manage a JumpBox. In less than six minutes, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Updated Applications

JumpBox for Wordpress Wordpress Wordpress is one of the worlds most popular blog publishing applications. You can easily publish online, receive comments, share video, and more with this blog publishing system.

The JumpBox version for Wordpress has been updated from version 1.1.8 to version 1.1.9, the included application has not changed. This JumpBox update fixes a bug related to setting a static IP address.

JumpBox for Redmine Redmine Redmine is an open source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. Redmine supports multiple projects and includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.

The JumpBox version for Redmine has been updated. This JumpBox update fixes a problem that prevented “svn cp” from working and adds some improvements as well. The JumpBox version number and the included application have not changed.

JumpBox for OTRS OTRS OTRS is an issue tracking, or trouble ticket system that helps your Support, Sales, Help Desk, or other departments to track and assign tickets to incoming queries.

The OTRS community has updated OTRS from version 2.33 to version 2.3.4. (OTRS release notes) This release includes new features including a Support Assessment module which allows you to check relevant installation and configuration settings and optimize your OTRS application. JumpBox version 1.1.6 (updated from 1.1.5) includes this OTRS update.

JumpBox for Moodle Moodle Moodle is a course management system that allows educators to create engaging online learning communities.

The Moodle community has updated Moodle from version 1.9.3 to version 1.9.4. (Moodle’s release notes) This release includes a number of new features such as options that allow Moodle to be configured to comply with European and US privacy regulations, an essay question randomizer, and the ability to allow students to see their previously completed coursework. The release also fixes bugs related to creating and editing course categories. JumpBox version 1.1.6 (updated from 1.1.5) includes this Moodle update.

JumpBox for GLPI GLPI GLPI is an IT and Asset Management System that allows IT administrators to manage the maintenance, tracking, and servicing of IT inventory.

The GLPI community has updated GLPI from version 0.71.3 to version 0.71.5. (GLPI’s release notes) This release includes a security update, and users are urged to upgrade. JumpBox version 1.1.1 (updated from 1.1.0) includes this GLPI update.