Hello, We’ve done it again, this time traveling across the Atlantic to the country of France to bring you this newest addition to JumpBox Open.

Introducing the JumpBox for GLPI - IT and Asset Management System


GLPI helps you manage and track IT equipment, like computers, software, peripherals, and consumables, and their associated maintenance, documentation, and help desk requests.

GLPI stands for “Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique” (loosely translated as “Free IT Manager”) but with available support for 22 languages you don’t need to “Parlez-Vous Français” to use it. GLPI should prove useful to small and mid-sized in-house IT organizations as well as outside service providers who manage computers, etc. for others. GLPI’s additional benefits include easy management of equipment documentation, including operating procedures, FAQ’s, and lease agreements, help desk functionality that allows users to directly request help desk support, and job tracking and routing. Additionally, GLPI enables multi-user, multi-location use, and features a mail notification system which can deliver help desk requests directly to technicians.

Special Note: GLPI can be combined with another application, OCS Inventory NG, to enable auto-discovery, inventory visualization, and application deployment to monitored computers. Would you find that combination useful? Please let us know and we’ll do it!

Find out more about GLPI: From GLPI’s website, the JumpBox for GLPI web page and our

Ramp Up screencast for the JumpBox for GLPIGLPI

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Our series of screencasts to help you “Ramp Up” and get started quickly with JumpBox applications continues.

Manage JumpBoxes on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with Amazon’s new web-based console Amazon Web ServicesLast year we knocked the skin off the ball, crushed the bat over our knee, and trotted the bases throwing up the peace sign when we made our library of JumpBox applications available on EC2, a service which allows you to rent computing power to run your applications. Amazon has recently released a web-based point and click interface that allows you to manage those JumpBoxes on EC2 much easier.

The Amazon Web Services Management Console gives you the ability to start and stop EC2 instances (such as JumpBox AMI’s) and view and perform actions on running on those instances. Upcoming features of the console include the ability to manage Amazon’s S3 data storage service, which is supported by the JumpBox backup system. This new interface means < a href=”http://www.jumpbox.com/jumpbox-open#subscription-plans”>Premium and Plus subscribers, whose subscriptions automatically include access to all JumpBox AMI’s, as well as the general public, who can access the 12 free JumpBox AMI’s, no longer have to download any software or plugins to manage JumpBox instances. JumpBox deployments just keep getting easier.

And now ladies and gentlemen…it’s time for

Updated Applications!!!! (crowd roars!!!)JumpBox for Joomla 1.5


Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will help you build websites and other powerful online applications.

The Joomla! community has updated Joomla! version 1.5.8 to 1.5.9. This is a security release and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately. JumpBox version 1.1.8 (updated from 1.1.7) includes this Joomla! application update.

JumpBox for OpenFire


OpenFire is a real-time collaboration server that enables instant messaging. Based around the open Jabber XMPP protocol, OpenFire provides private and public instant messaging and group chat with support for any client that supports Jabber.

The OpenFire community has update OpenFire from version 3.6.2 to 3.6.3. The release includes fixes to a few minor bugs. JumpBox version 1.1.2 (updated from 1.1.1) includes this OpenFire application update. JumpBox for Drupal 5.x


Drupal 5.x is a content management system that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of web content.

The Drupal community has updated Drupal from version 5.14 to 5.15. This release fixes security vulnerabilities and sites are urged to upgrade immediately. JumpBox version 1.1.9 updated to 1.1.10 includes this Drupal 5.x application update. JumpBox for Drupal 6.x

Drupal The Drupal community has also updated Drupal 6.x, from version 6.8 to 6.9. This release fixes security vulnerabilities and again, sites are urged to upgrade immediately. JumpBox version 1.1.7, updated to 1.1.8 includes this Drupal release.

Premium and Plus subscriptions to JumpBox Open include the ability to use all JumpBox AMI’s on EC2. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Use JumpBoxes on EC2 as a lab environment to keep your systems administration investment low while you test the viability of applications.
  • Instantly scale your application to meet spikes in traffic or demand. Traffic crash your site? Not likely with a JumpBox on EC2. When your JumpBox’s computing requirements change, Amazon EC2 can instantly respond, providing more power. No compromises, no up-front investment.

Live the simple life out there people. No hardware, no software, no stress.

No wife telling you to cook more often you lazy so and so, no arguing with your daughter to do that darn homework, no going to the pantry to get your hidden box of Mike and Ike’s only to find that your little son found them first. Man, all of them! No going to the… Oh wait. Uh, never mind all that.

You want stress free living? JumpBox Open