Hello World, Effective monitoring of network infrastructure is one of the most important tasks an IT organization faces. Network downtime costs money, time, productivity, and even reputation. Administrators, are you exposing yourself or your organization to this possibility? Without a robust network monitoring solution you might be. If you’ve shyed from initiating a network monitoring system due to traditional complexity, or time to implementation, we’re here to help.

**Introducing the JumpBox for Nagios 3 **Nagios 3 monitors your hosts and services, delivering alerts to you via email, cellphone, or pager when problems occur. When Nagios gives you the call, its configurable web interface will provide you with detailed network status information from any internet-enabled browser. No matter where you are, you’ll know just what your network is up against. Nagios 3 provides improved flexibility, ease of use and extensibility, and performance enhancements over Nagios 2, allowing you to manage and monitor large deployments more efficiently. JumpBox Open subscribers can save the time and effort associated with installation, and get straight to configuration. The JumpBox for Nagios 3 deploys in minutes.

If you’re not a subscriber (and why not!), you’re in luck. The JumpBox for Nagios 2 is available as a free download.

Look a few posts below and ‘Ramp Up’ with JumpBox screencasts We’re producing a series of screencasts that will help you “Ramp Up” and get started quickly with JumpBox applications.   If you’re looking for help managing, sharing, and storing your team’s documents and images, grab a JumpBox for KnowledgeTree, a screencast, and Ramp Up quickly.

Updated JumpBox applications:


JumpBox for Redmine

Keep your projects on track. Redmine is an open source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. Redmine supports multiple projects and includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.

The Redmine community has updated Redmine 0.7.3 to 0.8.0. This new release fixes a number of bugs and adds new features including: a cross-project search engine, cross-project time report, free ticket filtering on calendar and gantt, ticket integration via emails, wiki page protection and hierarchy, and user’s activity view. The JumpBox version 1.1.2 (updated from 1.1.3) includes this release.

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