It’s a brand new year!

If you are anything like us, no doubt you’re determined to be even more successful this year than you were the last. We just might be able to help, with a coupla recently updated applications:

JumpBox for SugarCRM 5 If you’ve got customers, we’ll bet you’re planning to take even better care of them this year. Make it happen with SugarCRM 5, winner of Infoworld magazine’s Best Open Source Customer Relationship Management category for two years running.

The SugarCRM community has updated SugarCRM 5.1.0c to version 5.2.0. Sugar’s new update enables you to connect with outside data service providers like Hoover’s and LinkedIn so you get the most up-to-date account and lead information directly from within Sugar. JumpBox version 1.1.9 (updated from 1.1.8) includes this latest SugarCRM update.   (Release Notes)

JumpBox for Nagios If your goal is to spending less time fighting network fires, achieve it with Nagios. A system, network, and application monitoring solution that has won awards from eWeek, Infoworld, and LinuxWorld magazines.

The Nagios Community has recently updated Nagios to enhance security, the Nagios version number has not changed. JumpBox version 1.1.3 (updated from 1.1.2) includes this newest Nagios update.

JumpBox for MoinMoin Have you decided to work more collaboratively this year? MoinMoin’s wiki application facilitates collaboration with a simple editing and self-publishing process, and provides version control and comparison features.

The MoinMoin community has updated MoinMoin 1.1.7 to 1.8.1, a release that includes improved themes, some minor bug fixes, and the added ability to specify alternate stylesheets. JumpBox version 1.1.7 (updated from 1.1.6) includes this new MoinMoin release.   (Release Notes)

Get your updates, and then let’s go kick some butt out there.