With a JumpBox you can deploy an application in 3 minutes but we’ve recently made it even easier. Today we formally announced the release of all 38 JumpBox applications to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. This combination of JumpBox and EC2 signals a new era of agility and flexibility for virtualized organizations; server application deployment, configuration, and management without downloading any software, and almost completely independent of hardware.

Public Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for twelve JumpBox applications, including Ruby on Rails, Drupal, SugarCRM and more have been made available for free, AMIs for the full suite of 38 applications are available to Plus and Premium subscribers to JumpBox Open, our subscription suite of virtual appliances for getting things done.
Imagine: Enabling better customer service, software development, or content management almost instantly. EC2 provides cost effective, scalable computing power; JumpBox provides the application packaged for instant deployment.
Here’s what Jeff Barr, the Evangelist for Amazon Web Services had to say about JumpBox + EC2 in his post, JumpBox - Ready To Use Applications For EC2 on the AWS blog :

”..great for workgroups and web sites with modest amounts of traffic. They are perfect for trying out new applications and for getting off the ground in a big hurry. All in all, this is pretty powerful stuff. If you are putting a web startup together you can have your blog, bug tracker, project manager, wiki, and content management system up and running in the first hour of business.”

Pretty much sums it up. Now go kick some butt out there. Steve

Here’s the official news release.