If you are a JumpBox and Vista user you may have ran into a problem unzipping the JumpBox.   You might have seen an error that pops up a dialog that says:

There is already a file with the same name as the folder name you specified. Specify a different name.

Well, a few weeks ago we sorted this out and most of our JumpBoxes should now unzip just fine on Vista.   There are a few, however, that may still have this problem.   As it turns out, the problem isn’t with our JumpBox zip files, it is actually a bug in Vista.   Check out Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #952249 for details.

If you run into this, you can either install the hotfix provided by Microsoft or you can download a third party zip utility like the Open Source tool 7-zip.

Have Fun!


Update: I failed to mention in the original post above that this applies not only to Windows Vista but to Windows Server 2008.