“Setting up a blog has never been easier.”

Over a month ago, JumpBox launched the “Powered by JumpBox” service, which helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) grow sales by removing the friction associated with deploying server software.

Our Powered by JumpBox service transforms an ISV’s application into a JumpBox. (If you read this blog you probably know already that a JumpBox is a pre-built, pre-configured software application for virtual computing.) Short story: A JumpBox application deploys in less than three minutes, ease of deployment facilitates in-house trials by an ISV’s potential customer and motivates purchase.

We launched Powered by JumpBox by developing Virtual Movable Type for leading blogging software and services company Six Apart.   Using the Powered by JumpBox service, Six Apart allows potential customers of Movable Type to experience the power of Movable Type and realize its value in minutes.   Powered by JumpBox, Virtual Movable Type gave Six Apart a powerful sales tool that enables them to close sales quickly.

Though we knew this service would be a valuable tool for ISV’s, we’re still tickled, and darn proud of reviews like this.