Hi, I’m Austin Godber.   You may remember me from such JumpBox films as “The Amazing JumpBox Forums”, “JumpBox Support Squad”, and everyone’s favorite “JumpBox Platform Release Notes”.

I will be out in the world teaching a class this Friday, October 10th, at the Ohio Linux Fest University.   The classes are put on by the League of Professional System Administrators or LOPSA.   My topic of choice, of course virtualization related, is “An Introduction to Virtualization on Linux using KVM”:

This short course will provide an introduction to virtualization as well as discussion of the following topics: * Overview of the state of virtualization on Linux. * DIY virtualization options for Linux, concentrating on KVM. * Innovations based on virtualization to keep your mind wandering through the rest of OLF. This course is intended for those new to virtualization while some of the innovation material may be interesting to the not-so-new.

I will be around at the main event on Saturday the 11th as well.   Any one in the Columbus, Ohio area should come down and check it out.   The schedule is packed with all sorts of Linux goodness.

Hope to see you there!