Hey it’s Steve, the new marketing guy.

I know you’ve all been wondering how things are going for me since my arrival at JumpBox, here are some highlights.

  • Since reading a recent customer success story I can’t stop saying the words “no clobbering software” in my head.
  • Since my arrival here at JumpBox I’ve been beaten  by Sean at Foosball in five out of five games we’ve played so far.
  • I was brainwashed for a weekend due to a run in with a writing discipline called E-Prime.
  • I’ve become addicted to your “to the rescue stories”.

No clobbering software When it comes to marketing, I like to get a good feel for the customer. (“Duh” you say?   Believe me, some marketers just want to go home early, versus getting involved.)   Meanwhile I’m launching JumpBoxes on Amazon’s EC2 like rockets at midnight.)

To get a good feel I’ve been looking for the interesting situations that lead our customers to deploy a JumpBox, and the benefit they receive in doing so.   Chandler’s story on the Integrum blog about using the JumpBox for Cacti to resolve a network issue introduced me to new way to refer to a key JumpBox enabled benefit, “No clobbering software on another machine.”

I like the sound of   “no clobbering” so I asked Chandler for more detail.   Here is what he had to say.

“In my experience, larger IT organizations attempt to provision hardware with a “one box, one task” mentality. Unfortunately, sometimes a need comes up that necessitates software becoming available immediately without waiting for the tasks of provisioning/deployment. The danger of simply adding that software to another machine ranges from no-impact to possibly damaging shared libraries and bringing the entire box down. Virtual appliances provide a quick “drop load”-like functionality that functions essentially like adding a full-fledged machine onto the network immediately without violating the one-box-one-task compartmentalization approach. So no software clobbering needs to occur.”

No clobbering software.   It just rolls off the tongue.   I can see it in marketing materials now.

JumpBox.   No clobbering software.”

Like it?

Foosball. Sean is world class Foosball player.   It’s probably worth a minor mention that Sean won all five games playing one-handed (to ensure fairness).   I don’t like losing, especially when my opponent is playing one-handed and I get the feeling that it’s a bit frustrating for the JumpBox team to repeatedly hear me shout things like, “How the *&($ did that go in?” or “No &%#$ way, how do you even see the ball!” when they are trying to work.

In fact, one day Sean and I struck up a game while Kimbro was sitting at his desk trying to get some work done.   I began getting whooped pretty badly and each point Sean scored drew increasingly loud expletives from me.   After only a few minutes (Sean is really good) Kimbro couldn’t take it.   He finally stood up from his desk, walked over, leaned in and said “Shh!”.     The look on his face carried the rest of his message, “or else!’   (Sorry Kimbro) E-Prime

Never mind.

Your “to the rescue stories” From stories like Chandler’s I’ve learned that virtualization has long been used by the unsung heroes of IT.   We business types just haven’t noticed.   Typical right?   Well no more! Steve raises fist Thing is, although the title of Chandler’s post on the Integrum blog is “Deployable infrastructure to the rescue”, I think a more appropriate title might be “Chandler to the rescue with deployable infrastructure”.   It’s you out there who come to the rescue.   (We’ve even rescued ourselves here at JumpBox.)

You guys are awesome, and I want more.   I mean seriously, how many ways have you guys been saving the day out there?   If you have a great rescue story to tell, lemme know.   Post comments on this blog, post on your own and shoot us a link, send a tweet, send me an email Steve at you know where dot com, whatever.   If you follow JumpBox on Twitter and wake up to find us following you back, you’ll know it’s me looking to see who you rescued today.

As a prize for your efforts I’ll be giving away a limited number of limited edition JumpBox tee shirts designed by Sean himself.   Yes, you too can look as good as I do (but hopefully you are better at Foosball.)