We get suggestions every day for open source applications that people would like to see turned into JumpBoxes. Until now we’ve been tracking these suggestions internally on a private  Scuttle instance (of course running as a JumpBox).  Austin made an interesting suggestion last week though and we’ve decided to take a page from Chris Pirillo’s “Freedbacking” concept and expose this list in a decentralized and transparent manner. So, in a bit of an experiment, we’ve assembled what may be the most comprehensive list of valuable open source server applications on the planet in such a way that allows anyone to suggest, rate or view the submissions.  It uses the delicious bookmarking service and here’s how it works:

For any application that you’d like to see JumpBoxed, simply tag its main page with “newjumpbox” in delicious.  We monitor the RSS feed of that tag  and the more bookmarks an app gets, the more attention we’ll pay to that project (and consequently the greater  likelihood  that it will be next in line to become a JumpBox). For now that page is seeded with over 130 candidate applications that have been suggested to us over many months. We’ve screened the ones that don’t seem appropriate so that list is the culmination of many hours of vetting and input from hundreds of avid open source fans. If there’s an app missing that you’d like to see, take a sec and bookmark it.  You’re of course welcome to continue sending us suggestions via the contact form on our site or by posting in the forums or comments on this blog, but we’ll be looking to that delicious tag as a main source of input on what apps should be converted to JumpBoxes next. What do you think of this experiment? How about the Freedbacking concept in general? And by the way I don’t know if anyone’s ever delicious’d a delicious page itself but I just did it and I think I may have briefly warped the spacetime continuum. My bad.