It was clear from the last survey we conducted that we haven’t done a spectacular job publicizing the JumpBox Rewards Program (many respondents weren’t aware it existed).  This is a referral program available to all customers who recommend the Open to a friend. It’s explained in detail here but basically during the checkout process for an Open, your friend puts your email address into the referral field and you earn $50 in cash that’s paid to you at the end of each quarter (refer just four people and you’ve recouped the cost of your own subscription - any referrals beyond that is money in your pocket).   There are some conditions  that apply so if you want to participate be sure to read those first. But the concept is simple: we appreciate the people who help us spread the JumpBox gospel and we believe the clearest way to reward them for their efforts is via cash.  Post a comment here if you have any questions about how this program works.