One of the undiscovered gems of the v.1.1 platform is the ability to backup and restore a JumpBox via your web browser. “How might this be useful?” you ask.  Imagine a situation where you have a JumpBox running in an environment with no network access.  Perhaps you’re: * hosting it on EC2* accessing a JumpBox that’s hosted internally in your office exposed via port-forwarding but with no network access available * connecting via Bonjour to a JumpBox that’s running on a friend’s laptop* having network trouble backing up to a PC or Mac  or your host computer

In any of these scenarios you may need to get a copy of the data without having filesystem access to the network in which the JumpBox is running.  With the new backup over HTTP feature it’s trivial to capture the state of your JumpBox and download it instantly via your browser.  You can also go the other direction and use the restore over HTTP feature to push changes from a local backup into a hosted instance.  And because the backup files work the same no matter which method used to create them, you can interchange methods (ie. take a backup that was automatically saved to a file share or S3 and restore via the browser). Think about this: you mock up a project and proof it to a client over the phone remotely using EC2. Then take the client’s change requests, stage an empty JumpBox on your laptop, grab the backup via your browser and restore it into the local instance.  Hop on your flight and implement those changes while you’re in the air.  Show up at the client’s office with everything working on your laptop, make any last-minute tweaks and then wow them by instantly restoring into the live EC2 instance. Every configuration setting, every bit of data- completely portable and transferrable via your browser as a single unit. And if something were to get screwed up, you always have the original state to fall back upon. This is just another way we’re giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your your applications.  What other creative use cases can you imagine with this feature?