We’re happy to announce that six more JumpBoxes have been updated to the new JumpBox Platform 1.1.

Here’s a quick overview of the changes in this new platform. All updated JumpBoxes inherit these capabilities.

  1. The underlying operating system has been updated to Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS. This has brought a number of other updates to things like Apache, MySQL and other libraries used with the applications.
  2. The backup system now supports Amazon S3, JumpBox to JumpBox and direct download as backup options. The addition of Amazon S3 is particularly nice as it gives you a really easy way to setup offsite backups.
  3. There’s a new one click tool to turn on SSL encryption for the application.
  4. A web stats package is now included by default and can be turned on with a single click.
  5. There’s a new tool to help you configure the JumpBox to send email.
  6. You can now put JumpBoxes into “maintenance mode” which allows you to keep users out of the application while working on administration tasks.
  7. In general lots and lots of bug fixes, security improvements and a number of little niceties like friendlier 404 pages have been added.

We’ll be publishing much more information on this new platform in the coming weeks as we work on getting all the existing JumpBoxes updated.

Updated Production JumpBoxes

For all of these the only change is the update to the new JumpBox Platform.

  • JumpBox for Cacti 1.1.0 (Download)Cacti is version 0.8.7b in this JumpBox.
  • JumpBox for Drupal 5.x 1.1.0 (Download)Drupal is version 5.7 in this JumpBox. Note: this JumpBox is for Drupal 5.x a separate JumpBox is also available for  Drupal 6.x.
  • JumpBox for Bugzilla 1.1.0 (Download)Bugzilla is version 3.0.4 in this JumpBox.
  • JumpBox for Joomla 1.1.0 (Download)Joomla is version 1.0.15 in this JumpBox. Note: this JumpBox is for Joomla 1.0.x a separate JumpBox is also available for  Joomla 1.5.x.
  • JumpBox for MediaWiki 1.1.0 (Download)MediaWiki is version 1.12.0 in this JumpBox.
  • JumpBox for Wordpress 1.1.0 (Download)Wordpress is version 2.5.1 in this JumpBox.

Thanks for supporting JumpBox and as always, feel free to  send us feedback.