Everyone give a big welcome to our two newest team members at JumpBox, David and Tom.

Their trading cards read as follows:

David  is the reason you see so few bugs in our products. He’s the Q & A master who puts each app through its paces to ensure it’s squeaky clean and free of any annoyances. David’s been working contract for us for a few months and just recently joined us full-time. David reads more books than most lawyers do and we’re told the Library of Congress now pales in comparison to the shelves in his den alone. Read more from David on  Twitter.

Tom  joins JumpBox today bringing a wealth of software engineering and architecture knowledge. In his former life, Tom had worked with Kimbro to write an entire native XML database engine from scratch (dbXML). Tom is the guy who will be responsible for advancing the capabilities of the JumpBox platform and performing (what will appear to the rest of the world as) software magic. Tom is an active local musician in Phoenix and plays in a local post-punk band called “Glamour Shot.” Read more from Tom on  his blog.

We’re looking forward to David’s continued merciless bug squashing and Tom’s software super powers to make the JumpBox experience even better for you, our users.