We’re happy to announce the production release of the  JumpBox for Moodle  and to celebrate, we’re offering  10%off  JumpBox Open Subscriptions. That’s 21 JumpBoxes, all for a single price, and the value just keeps growing as we release new applications.

To take advantage of this offer use the following coupon during checkout.


This offer ends at  midnight PST on May 16. That’s only a few days away.

Moodle is a very popular course management system used by educators around the world to create learning communities for their students. This JumpBox was a popular request so we’re thrilled to add it as the newest member of the  JumpBox Open Collection.

Now on with our regularly scheduled summary of update activity in the Open Collection.


  • The JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta is moving along nicely. With the most recent updates we’ve moved the underlying operating system to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. This will be the version of Ubuntu that all 1.1 Platform based JumpBoxes will ship with. We’re expecting the initial production release of 1.1 based JumpBoxes within a few weeks. If you haven’t tried out the new platform now is a great time to visit the  Proving Grounds  and kick the tires a little. The new platform is a big improvement and you can learn more about what’s new in  this blog post.

New Production JumpBox

  • JumpBox for Moodle 1.0 (Download)This is the first production release of the JumpBox for the Moodle course management system. This JumpBox contains Moodle 1.9. Existing  JumpBox Open Subscribers  should have already received keys for this JumpBox.

Updated Production JumpBoxes

  • JumpBox for DokuWiki new version 1.0.4 (Download)Updated to DokuWiki 2008.05.05
  • JumpBox for Bugzilla new version 1.0.3 (Download)Updated to Bugzilla 3.0.4
  • JumpBox for phpBB new version 1.0.1 (Download)Updated to phpBB 3.0.1

Updated Beta JumpBoxes in the  Proving Grounds

  • JumpBox for Nagios 0.9.3 (Download)Updated with latest JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta and fixes for a bug related to backup restoration.
  • JumpBox for MySQL 0.9.1 (Download)Updated with latest JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta.
  • JumpBox for SugarCRM 5 0.9.1 (Download)Updated with latest JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta and SugarCRM version 5.0.0d.
  • JumpBox for MovableType 0.9.2 (Download)Updated with latest JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for supporting JumpBox and as always, feel free to  send us feedback.

Kimbro Staken