This is a summary of recent activity in the  JumpBox Open Collection.


  • Get JumpBox updates on Twitter. Along with this email and our  blog  you can also get updates on new JumpBox releases by  following us on Twitter. Twitter will usually be the first place to find out about new JumpBox releases.
  • Google recently announced the  Google App Engine  scalable hosting service and we found it quite interesting so we put together a free  JumpBox for Google App Engine Development. If you’re a developer and are wondering what it’s like to develop for Google App Engine, the JumpBox is a great way to play around with it.

Have questions, comments or suggestions, please  let us know how we can help.

Updated Production JumpBoxes

  • JumpBox for Wordpress new version 1.0.8 (Download)Updated to Wordpress 2.5 - This is a fairly significant update to Wordpress that brings a heavily refined administration interface.
  • JumpBox for OTRS new version 1.0.2 (Download)Updated to OTRS 2.2.6 - Minor bugfix release.
  • JumpBox for Moin Moin new version 1.0.1 (Download)Updated to Moin Moin 1.6.2 - Minor bugfix release.

New Beta JumpBoxes added to the Proving Grounds

  • JumpBox for LAMP Deployment 0.9 (Download)This JumpBox provides a simple way to deploy PHP, Perl, Python or Ruby web applications. It’s great for staging, local deployment and for a jump start on deploying apps where no dedicated JumpBox exists. We have lots of interesting plans for this, this initial release is fairly basic.
  • JumpBox for Movable Type version 0.9 (Download)Initial release with Movable Type 4.1, based on the JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta.
  • JumpBox for SugarCRM 5 version 0.9 (Download)Initial release with SugarCRM 5.0.0b, based on the JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta.

Updated Beta JumpBoxes in the Proving Grounds

  • JumpBox for Drupal 6 version 0.9.1 (Download)Fixed a bug with the setting of Time Zones in Drupal.
  • JumpBox for Redmine 0.6.3 (Download)Fixed some critical issues that prevented subversion from working.

Coming Soon

Some updates that are almost ready for release.

  • The  JumpBox for SilverStripe  will be updated to the JumpBox Platform 1.1 beta and a new version of SilverStripe. This will make this JumpBox much more usable.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for supporting JumpBox.

Kimbro Staken