We have two new beta JumpBoxes available in the  Proving Grounds:

![](http://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/applications/icons/nagios.png) [Nagios](http://www.jumpbox.net/forum/topic/show?id=1180310%3ATopic%3A20374)  is a network monitoring system that watches your network and notifies you of any problems. The JumpBox makes it really easy to get it running. Due to the nature of Nagios, configuration still requires additional work, but the JumpBox gives you a good jump start on the process.
![](http://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/applications/icons/mysqld.png) [MySQL](http://www.jumpbox.net/forum/topic/show?id=1180310%3ATopic%3A20372)  is the worlds most popular Open Source database. It's a core component of many systems and the JumpBox for MySQL provides a very quick way to get a MySQL instance complete with PHPMyAdmin running.

Both are based on the JumpBox platform 1.1 Beta and include all the great new enhancements described  here. The other exciting news is that we’ve opened the Proving Grounds up to the public. You’ll notice there’s now a link at the upper right corner of this site which takes you to our testing community. The Proving Grounds is the place where we make pre-release JumpBoxes available for testing before moving them to production status. We’ve got a ton of interesting candidates in the pipeline so be sure to check out the Proving Grounds for the latest and greatest.