We have some exciting news today- you can now get a  license for every JumpBox  currently in our Open Source collection for just $199.99. With twenty applications in the collection today, this is a toolkit of incredible value. But this is also a gift that keeps on giving. JumpBox Open entitles you to a license for  every new JumpBox we add to the collection over the next year. And we’re adding some great applications soon: Nagios, Moodle, Redmine, MySQL and a Ruby on Rails deployment JumpBox are all in the pipeline.

Think of it like this: if your time is worth $50/hr, a single JumpBox that saves you four hours today pays for the entire subscription. Then you have (Jeff Spicoli voice) “an ultimate set of tools” for the next year. Have a particular application you’d like to see added? Suggest it in the  forums  or via our  contact form. We’re committed to making great Open Source applications more accessible and the debut of JumpBox Open should be a great step towards that goal. Keep in mind that the $199.99 pricing is introductory though so take advantage of it while it lasts.