We have our first graduates of the  Proving Grounds:

are all now battle-tested and available for production use and purchase. Thanks to all the Proving Grounds members who submitted feedback and helped us work out the kinks in these apps.

We also have seven new applications that just entered the Proving Grounds:

We’ve made some of the pre-release apps available to the public for download but to get beta keys to unlock the pre-release apps you’ll need to belong to the Proving Grounds. And there will always be a few apps that we keep exclusive to PG members.

We’re also running a promotion right now - all JumpBox Basic Registrations are $24.99 until noon MST on December 14th, so if you were on the fence about registering yours, now’s the time.

Lastly, we’re doing a webinar with the folks from Virtual Iron in an hour (11am PST today). The presentation will be captured and available online afterwards but if you’d like to participate and ask questions, tune in  here.