We just launched the  JumpBox Proving Grounds, our new private community for JumpBox users where you can get early access to beta and experimental JumpBoxes. Eight new beta JumpBoxes are currently available for free through the Proving Grounds, but you have to be a member to get them so  request your invitation today.

We created the Proving Grounds so that we can more rapidly release new JumpBoxes and to give us a bit of a playground where we can release things that are more experimental in nature. This will allow us to release JumpBoxes for applications that look promising, but may not be quite mature enough that we're prepared to support them as production quality. Our goal is to place new JumpBoxes in the Proving Grounds for a month or so and then have them graduate to become fully supported members of the JumpBox family. A big part of being a member of the Proving Grounds is giving us feedback on what does and doesn't work with these JumpBoxes. Also, to celebrate the launch of the Proving Grounds we're running a $29.99 special on Basic registrations for a limited time. Here's what's available in the  [Proving Grounds](http://www.jumpbox.net/)  today, and we have a number of other apps coming over the next few weeks.
[![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/alfresco.png) The Alfresco Enterprise Document Management System](http://www.jumpbox.net/)   [Learn about this project](http://www.alfresco.com/) [![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/joomla.png) Joomla Content Management System version 1.5](http://www.jumpbox.net/)   [Learn about this project](http://www.joomla.org/)
[![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/OTRS.png) OTRS Open source Ticket Request System  ](http://www.jumpbox.net/) [Learn about this project](http://www.otrs.org/) [![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/Bugzilla.png) Bugzilla bug tracking system  ](http://www.jumpbox.net/) [Learn about this project](http://www.bugzilla.org/)
[![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/mantis.png) Mantis bug tracking system  ](http://www.jumpbox.net/) [Learn about this project](http://www.mantisbt.org/) [![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/silverstripe.png) Silverstripe Content Management System  ](http://www.jumpbox.net/) [Learn about this project](http://www.silverstripe.com/)
[![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/projectpier.png) Project Pier project management software](http://www.jumpbox.net/)   [Learn about this project](http://www.projectpier.org/) [![](https://www.jumpbox.com/sites/all/themes/jumpbox/appIcons/OpenLDAP.png) OpenLDAP LDAP directory software  ](http://www.jumpbox.net/) [Learn about this project](http://www.openldap.org/)
To become a member of the Proving Grounds you have to  [request an invitation](http://www.jumpbox.net/), it's open to all JumpBox users and once you're in you gain the power to invite your friends.