We just published updates to  all JumpBoxes. This brings all applications on to JumpBox platform 1.0.1 and also includes the latest OS level fixes. Registered users with active keys should be able to move to these new versions by backing up and restoring into an updated JumpBox.

The major change in JumpBox Platform 1.0.1 is the addition of a console tool to configure static network settings. This now makes it much easier to deploy JumpBoxes in situations where no DHCP server is available.

Several applications were also updated with this release.

  • Drupal  was updated to version 5.2
  • Joomla!  was updated to version 1.0.13
  • SugarCRM  was updated to version 4.5.1e
  • DokuWiki  was updated to version 2007.06.26b