We’re happy to announce the availability of the JumpBox 1.0 platform and updates to our library of server applications.

The JumpBox Library has grown to include the following applications: Trac/Subversion, vTiger CRM, SugarCRM, Joomla! CMS, Drupal CMS, Wordpress, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, and PunBB. All JumpBoxes have been updated to the 1.0 platform and are available from  http://www.jumpbox.com/jumpbox-applications

With this release there are now two JumpBox Assurance options available for registered users.

Both options include the following features:

  • Easy local backup/restore
  • Access for full application customization
  • SFTP access to upload and edit files
  • Installation support
  • Access to the JumpBox Assurance forums
  • Ability to remove the JumpBox navigation

JumpBox Assurance Basic provides the features above plus a license for a single instance. Price for this plan is $39.99.

JumpBox Assurance Silver provides the same capabilities, plus adds the ability to register updated JumpBoxes for 12 months, register 5 instances and includes two support incidents. Price for this plan is $149.99.

JumpBox Assurance plans can be purchased by clicking the register link in the administration interface or directly from our website.  http://www.jumpbox.com/

More applications are coming too, so keep an eye on the site and if you have a favorite application you’d like to see please  drop us a line.